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Our Services


Emergency Medical Services

49 Rescue provides emergency medical services (EMS) to Flemington Borough, Raritan Township, and parts of Readington and Delaware townships. Our squad is equipped with five ambulances as well as support vehicles.  Each ambulance is staffed with two emergency medical technicians (EMTs) at all times. They may also have a "third". This is a probationary member or a junior member that is working on gaining experience with crews in the field.

Event Stanby

Event Stand-By's

Minutes matter during an emergency situation. 49 Rescue provides the public the ability to have us present during sporting events, large gatherings, fairs, etc... This allows close to immediate care by first responders. 

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Community Outreach

Teaching the next generation about safety is important. We will send our personnel and units to schools and daycare centers as well as any other community groups to display our equipment and give some basic safety tips.

Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue

49 Rescue is quite unique compared to many other EMS agencies. We offer a vast range of skills in technical rescue. Rope rescue is a tool in the "tech rescue toolbelt" when we may be assisting injured persons that are otherwise inaccessible by conventional means such as people injured in ravines, on water towers, or other similar situations.


Vehicle & Machinery Extrication

Many times people may be trapped and can't get out during an accident involving a motor vehicle. Extrication is the process of removing a person(s) from that vehicle. We offer advanced techniques when removing patients from vehicles as well as machinery. Industrial accidents do happen and our crews use critical techniques and training to remove them from further harm.

Conf space

Confined Space Rescue

Confined space Rescue is assisting victims who have become injured/incapacitated in areas that are difficult to access such as industrial machines and tanks, underground pipes and other situations.

Water Rescue

Water Rescue

One of many abilities that we offer is water rescues. During a storm or a nice day on the lake, conditions can change drastically putting a person in a dangerous situation in the water. Specialized apparatus and training allows us to deal with any water rescue situation.


Ice Rescue

In addition to water rescues, we offer specialized responses to aid in ice rescues. Many times people or even animals fall through the ice during the winter months, and our crews have received many hours of training when dealing with any ice rescue situation.


Building Collapse Rescue

Structural/Building Collapse Rescue is assisting persons who have become trapped in collapsed structures or vehicles that have crashed into buildings. State-of-the-art equipment and training have allowed our personnel to combat these incidents.


Trench Rescue

Trench rescue has become one of 49 rescue's forte's in the technical rescue spectrum as many of our members have taken countless hours of training courses in this particular area. FRFARS boasts some of the latest techniques and equipment design for such unique situations.


Fire Rescue

In addition to EMS and Tech Rescue, we support and work closely with many of the fire departments in the area. Many of our members are qualified firefighters as well, allowing for additional manpower on the fire-scene when dispatched. Because of our location, we work closely with the Flemington Fire Department, the Raritan Township Fire Company, the Three Bridges Fire Company, and the Sergeantsville Volunteer Fire Company, among many others.

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