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Travis Hoffman

To put it simply, Travis has always seen the Squad as a second home. Travis’s parents, then-FF/Paramedic Tom Hoffman and EMT Karen Hoffman were both Squad members since before he was born. Travis and his twin sister KC grew up around the organization.

“I was always at the station with my family, either helping out being a victim with drills or just hanging out. I would always get excited watching the Squad and my parents go out for calls. I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to join,” says Travis.

Travis joined in 2008 as a junior member. Since that time, Travis has earned his EMT and Firefighter certifications and logged countless hours of technical rescue and emergency medical services training. Travis has held numerous leadership roles, including several officer positions over the years, culminating in Deputy Chief. He recently completed 12 years of service with the agency and was elected to the role of Trustee, responsible for overseeing First Aid supplies and Rescue Equipment.

Travis put the skills he obtained at FRFARS to use as he’s embarked on his career path. He is currently a full-time Lieutenant at the City of Lambertville Fire Department. Travis also teaches numerous technical rescue courses for several organizations, including the Hunterdon County Emergency Services Training Center. Travis uses these skills to benefit the Squad, often providing training and guidance to newer members interested in learning more about rescue services

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