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"Building to Serve Our Community"


Out of Room to Grow

The current squad building, located at 26 Route 12 - just off the Flemington Circle, is inadequate in a variety of critical ways. Since its construction nearly 68 years ago, EMS service requirements have evolved significantly. The types of equipment used by the squad, particularly ambulances and rescue vehicles, are housed in a “temporary tent” and trailer which is located outside of the current building. Space and design constraints prohibit deployment of sleeping quarters, sufficient equipment storage and office space, comfortable training rooms, secure technology enclosures, and an adequate kitchen facility needed for round the clock operation. 

Out of Room

To adapt to the growing membership and new equipment and uniforms being procured, rolling storage in the bays have been added and open rooms have been partially turned into closets. 

Running out of Space


A Temporary Tent Houses Equipment

Put up as a "temporary" solution almost a decade ago in 2013, this tent houses regularly used and critical vehicles, trailers, and equipment that do not fit within the garage bays. While the tent does protect the equipment inside  from rain and snow, it does not have any climate control. This leaves the equipment inside subject to deterioration over time.


A Plan for a New Facility

With feedback from engineers and architects, it was determined that it would not be cost effective for the squad to bring their current station up to code and that sufficient space to house all of their equipment and vehicles could not be achieved, even with an addition. 
Our current facility is insufficient to meet our community’s growing and diverse needs. Our new building will position the squad to serve our communities now and well into the future.
In 2016, the squad financed and purchased the property for our facility from a generous bequest. 

Plan 1.png

A Proposed Facade

The Flemington-Raritan First Aid & Rescue Squad is planning a comprehensive fundraising campaign to construct a 16,000 square-foot facility on a 10.32-acre lot at 29 Royal Road in Raritan Township. With help of a local architect, Frank Joseph Bell, a new facility has been designed to have the lowest possible impact on the environment by reducing the amount of asphalt and ground area to be disturbed. In addition, the squad will utilize every cost reducing concept available from LED lighting fixtures and lighting to induction heating.


Proposed Floor Plan

A new facility would be designed to house all pieces of apparatus inside the garage bays. FRFARS currently has a total of 5 ambulances, a Heavy Rescue, a Technical Rescue, a Special Services truck, Command Vehicle, pickup truck, an ASAP, and various trailers and small boats. In addition to housing theses pieces of equipment all inside and no longer in a tent, there will be ample crew quarters, a kitchen, day room, offices, closets for gear, and other spaces available to the crew and the public.

Floor Plan

We Need Your Help!

Various sponsorship and naming opportunities are available for community members at all levels who are interested in supporting the construction of our new facility. Any community member looking to learn more about the project or who wishes to help is asked to contact Capital Campaign Chairwoman Lisa Stein.


Lisa can be reached via email at or a message can be left using the Squad’s main office line,


Day Room
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