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Kate Moran

EMS Lieutenant Kate Moran joined FRFARS in 2017. During her time with the Squad so far, Kate has grown as both a responder and as a leader, provided coaching to many newer members, and helped hundreds of our neighbors. Kate brings an unmatched level of enthusiasm and kindness to every call, providing a valued service within our community.

Kate got her start in EMS as a member of the Lambertville-New Hope Ambulance & Rescue Squad (LNHARS). After volunteering with LNHARS for approximately 3 years, Kate became interested in joining an additional agency to grow her knowledge & skill set. As FRFARS is recognized for its highly trained team, well-equipped fleet, and large call volume, Kate decided to apply and was brought onto the Squad’s roster in November 2017.

“Flemington gives you a great opportunity for training. The people you work with here have been doing this for quite some time, therefore they are able to teach,” Kate says. “You are learning something new every call.”

As an added bonus for Kate, most of Delaware Township receives EMS and rescue services from FRFARS or agencies located in Lambertville. By becoming a member of both FRFARS and LNHARS, Kate became more empowered to help her neighbors within Delaware Township.

Kate’s experience from LNHARS prepared her well for membership at FRFARS. By the time Kate began at FRFARS, she was a nationally certified EMT with several years of Hunterdon County EMS experience. Kate was familiar with Hunterdon Medical Center’s Emergency Department and their Mobile Intensive Care Unit, which both Squads work with on a daily basis. She was also accustomed to swiftly transferring patients to regional specialty hospitals or trauma centers by ground or by air as needed. This came in handy on more than one occasion, including on a call where Kate and her partner needed to rapidly transport a patient with an uncontrolled bleed to the HMC helipad for emergent treatment at a trauma center.

Due to her high level of competency upon joining FRFARS, Kate completed her probationary period shortly after starting. By 2019, she was appointed by Chief Tom Hoffman to the position of EMS Sergeant, helping to provide operational leadership within the department. Since then, Kate has also served as EMS Lieutenant, and EMS Captain. Kate is also the Squad’s Junior Advisor, responsible for setting up drills and providing coaching to members under the age of 18. She often makes additional time to help newer members practice skills. When providing training, Kate is known to set a high bar while also being patient, fair, and encouraging.

Kate has increased her own patient care skills, completing several advanced training courses including Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS), Mini Advanced Medical Life Support (Mini AMLS), OB Emergencies, crew resource management, and others. Despite the challenges of 2020, she has set an example for contribution, oftentimes covering 3 to 4 times her required number of duty hours per month in addition to her leadership activities. In October 2020, Kate volunteered over 90 hours on our ambulances—nearly four times the 24 hour per month requirement. This was more than any other Squad member during that period.

As Kate has grown with FRFARS, she has found that pre-hospital care is her calling. She plans to continue contributing to FRFARS while working towards a career in paramedicine. Whether it is covering additional hours at the station, providing skilled responses to emergencies, or coaching the next generation of EMTs, Kate brings her all each time she walks in the Squad’s doors. Kate’s passion and commitment shines in everything she does as a valued part of the FRFARS family.

“It is really a home away from home,” Kate says. “You are really able to count on your partners, and that is what makes it such a good atmosphere.”

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