The Training Never Ends

On Wednesday evening, the Squad's Rescue Services Unit conducted a vehicle extrication drill as the first of three rescue drills in May.

Personnel stabilized the vehicle and then performed several different disentanglement operations, including a full side displacement using hydraulic cutters and a ram, door and B post removal, a roof flap using reciprocating saws and cutters, and a dash lift using the hydraulic spreaders.

Motor vehicle extrications are our most common type of rescue operation, and regular drills help us to stay proficient. The Rescue Services Unit drills at least twice a month on a wide range of topics, plus we participate in monthly Hunterdon County Technical Rescue Task Force training. No matter how comfortable personnel is with an operation, there is always an opportunity to cut down the time required so that a patient can be carefully and quickly extricated and transported to definitive care as rapidly as possible. With severe trauma patients, minutes matter.