Busy Day for 49 Rescue

Today has proven to be a busy day for the Rescue Squad so far, being dispatched to seventeen emergency calls since midnight. Only a couple of the incidents were directly weather-related. The Rescue Squad had in-house staffing for three BLS ambulances, Heavy Rescue 495, and Utility 495 (4x4 pick-up truck with snow plow) overnight during the storm. The weather standby helps ensure a rapid response despite weather and road conditions. At one point during the storm this morning around 0100 Hours, the Rescue Squad answered four calls that were dispatched only minutes apart. All four were dispatched as requiring advanced life support (serious medical emergencies requiring the paramedics from Hunterdon Medical Center). Unfortunately, only one ALS unit was available due to other calls around the county. The Rescue Squad answered all four calls before re-alert time, within three minutes. The Rescue crew covered the ambulance for the 4th call, which was soon upgraded to a cardiac arrest. An additional crew responded from home to assist at the cardiac arrest, so all five of the Squad's ambulances were on the road, plus Utility 49-5 with the plow (which came in handy several times).


(Heavy Rescue 49-5 and BLS 49-54 in Quarters)

This was also the first major weather standby as "seconds" for newly cleared Emergency Medical Technicians Kyle Varin and Austin Sorrentino, both paired with senior members for the standby. Our Squad has an in-house program that has newly certified EMT's complete a checklist of various skills before being cleared to serve as the second EMT on a two person ambulance crew. This helps to ensure the best possible care for our patients, while increasing the confidence possessed by our new EMT's.

We will do whatever is necessary to help protect our community. Stay safe and healthy!